Meera Trading Company Blog Latest Products Wed, 08 Apr 2020 00:33:40 +0530 en-us Fresh green chili: Added generously to all our meals, not just to enhance the flavor, but also to give numerous health and medicinal benefits Thu, 13 Jun 2019 12:18:00 +0530 <p> </p> <p>Fresh green chili is the one among the best to bring spicy taste to our food. The green chilies are the immature chili peppers that have been harvested before fully ripening and are an essential ingredient in Indian, Mexican and Thai cuisines. Fresh green chilies come with a lot of uses for household and medicinal purposes. These green chilies are dried under the sun to preserve them for longer durations and are also used for making pickles. <br /><br />There are more than 200 different species of chilies available in different parts of the world. And all the species of green chilies contain capsaicin that is an active ingredient and extremely beneficial for the respiration process, heart and the blood pressure. Capsaicin present in chilies is the main reason for the warmth and has a crucial effect on improving the blood circulation and also stimulating the palate. The green chilies are low in calories, fat-free and enriched in nutrients like vitamins A, C and K, and the phytonutrient capsaicin that can enhance our health. <br /><br /><strong>Some of the health benefits of fresh green chilies are as follows: - </strong><br /><br /><strong>• Rich in antioxidants: -</strong> Green chilies are a good source of antioxidants. Vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B complex (B6 and B9), and vitamin C are found in chilies. Thus, green chilies are capable to compensate the damaging effects of bacteria in our bodies and are very helpful in preventing blood clots which is the primary reason of multiple cardiovascular diseases like cardiac arrest and heart stroke. Additionally, chilies are helpful in preventing the spread of cancer to the colon, prostate, and lungs.<br /><strong>• Anti-inflammatory in nature: - </strong>Green chilies are helpful in relieving the pain and the swelling associated with appalling bone disorders like arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid, etc.<br /><strong>• Soothing effect on the respiratory system: -</strong>The Phytonutrients present in green chilies helps in relaxing the respiratory passage and also beneficial in lowering the danger of lung cancer. Chilies are also helpful in preventing problems associated with lungs such as asthma, cough, and cold.<br /><strong>• Anti-bacterial properties: -</strong>The anti-bacterial properties of green chilies keep us safe from infections such as herpes zoster and athlete’s foot.<br />•<strong> Boost immunity: - </strong>The fresh green chilies contain nutrients such as Vitamin C, and vitamin B6 which are beneficial in boosting the immunity of our body to handle the diseases. <br />• Keep the digestive system healthy: - A significant advantage of consuming green chilies is that it is filled with essential dietary fiber that helps in cleansing the colon. The green chilies aid in healthy bowel movements and prevent constipation.<br /><strong>• Rich in calcium: - </strong>The fresh green chilies are an excellent source of calcium and helpful in keeping our teeth and bones healthy and strong. Furthermore, the calcium in chilies repairs the tissues and contributes to creating new blood cells.<br /><strong>• Improve vision: -</strong> Vitamin A present in the green chilies is one of the vital nutrients and beneficial in improving the vision and reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration which happens with age.<br /><strong>• Aid in weight loss: -</strong> Green chilies have no calories and helpful in increasing the metabolism of the body. Chilies are hence beneficial in burning excess fat from the body.<br /><strong>• Help in keeping the skin radiant and young: - </strong>Vitamin C present in fresh green chilies facilitates the creation of collagen that keeps and maintains the firmness and the health of the skin. The phytonutrients in green chilies efficiently cure rashes, acne, pimples, blemishes, and wrinkles of our skin. Vitamin E presents in chilies produces natural oils that are good for our skin.<br /><br />As India is one of the largest producers of chilies in the world, there are many fresh chili exporters in India instrumental in providing a wide variety of fresh green chilies in the national and international market. You can also rely on<strong><em><a href=""> fresh green chili exporters in Nashik, Maharashtra</a> </em></strong>for an excellent range of green chilies.</p> Benefits of having juicy and nutritious Indian green grapes Tue, 13 Aug 2019 12:42:48 +0530 <p> </p> <p>Enriched with vitamins C, A, K, antioxidants along with several other health-enhancing nutritious properties, grapes come in a wide array of varieties as well as attractive colours such as green, black, red, blue, pink and purple. Typically used to make wine, juice, jam, juice and jelly, grapes are grown in India over 20 varieties. However, the most common and popular grape variant in India is the green one. <br />Considered as a part of the berry family, green grapes are enjoyed by people of all ages owing to its sweet to mild tart flavour, juicy texture and nutritional properties. The combination of its crispy texture and juicy flavour has made green grapes a tasty addition to your favourite dishes as well as a healthy snack. Whether you add it as topping on desserts or make smoothly using grapes, any dish that has green grapes in it always feels refreshing. <br /><strong> </strong></p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Health benefits of eating grapes </strong></p> <p>Adding grapes in your daily diet plays a significant role in ensuring a healthy life. Known as a good source of resveratrol and other plant-based compounds, grapes have the potential to prevent cancer. Some other important health advantages of eating grapes are as follows: <br />• Keeps your heart healthy<br />• Improves brain function and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s<br />• Controls diabetes and cholesterol levels<br />• Fight age-related eye problems like cataracts.<br />• Reduce the risk of kidney diseases<br />• Help prevent breast and stomach cancer<br />• Strengthen bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis <br /><br />Being known as the 'grape capital of India', Nashik accounts for around 80% of the total green grape production of the country. Offering the best quality grapes at the highest competitive prices, the <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a href=""><strong>Indian green grape suppliers from Nashik</strong></a></span> have ensured a large market in this domain. Their offered range of green grapes is appreciated nationwide for its crisp texture, freshness, exceptional purity, sweet taste and nutritious properties.<br /><strong> </strong></p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Following are some of the important factors that the suppliers of Indian green grapes in Nashik always consider to stand tall in the global agriculture market.</strong><br />• They source the entire range of green grapes from reputed farmers and vineyard owners who use advanced farming techniques and fewer chemical fertilizers or pesticide to cultivate the grapes.<br />• They always ensure that the grapes are fresh and grown under utmost controlled weather conditions in sync with the set industry set guidelines. <br />• From table grapes, wine grapes to seedless green grapes, the exporters offer a broad variety of grapes for the customers at a highly competitive price.<br />• They offer their products in various sturdy, high-grade packaging options to avoid any kind of damage or insect manifestation in the product.<br />• They thoroughly check the offered products based on various stringent quality parameters before forwarding them to the marketplace.<br />• Supported by a strong team and wide network, the suppliers are always ready to meet the growing demand for fresh green grapes across the globe.</p> <p> </p> <p>The mild tangy-delicious sweet taste and refreshing flavour of green grapes are endeared by people across the world.</p> Tips for Picking the best natural fresh red onion supplier Fri, 29 Nov 2019 11:28:10 +0530 <p> </p> <p>No matter what type of vegetables you need to purchase like a natural fresh red onion, you need to make sure that you have a company that you can get them from. There is plenty that one should take into consideration when it comes to picking who you work with, including the price that they are charging, the available stock, and much more. Here are just some of the main tips to help you pick the right company to get your vegetable stock from.<br /><strong> </strong></p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Tips for Picking a Supplier</strong><br />Go ahead and make sure that you are talking to all of the <span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #00ffff;"><a href=""><strong>natural fresh red onion suppliers in Nashik</strong></a> </span>to allow you to choose the right one for your needs. There is so much that you are going to want to consider, such as:<br /><strong>• Availability –</strong> You need to think about the stock of the vegetables that you would need and find a company that can give you what you need when you need it, and that would have extra if required.<br /><strong>• Price – </strong>Another thing that you are going to want to consider when it comes to buying natural fresh red onion from the right company is the price. Get a few estimates regarding what they are charging and if that is per kilogram or another type of measurement and much more.<br /><strong>• Delivery –</strong> Also, you are going to want to consider the delivery method and how long it will be before they can deliver it to your location. This is important since you want to get as soon as possible and find out if there is going to be an extra fee for delivery.<br /><strong>• Type –</strong> There are many types of vegetables that you can purchase, so make sure that they have the right type that you are looking for. Ask around if you can’t find the right one until you do so that you can keep your customers happy.<br /><strong>• Recommendations –</strong> You should also make sure that you are getting recommendations from other people who are purchasing vegetables from large companies. You want to ask them what they think about the company that they are dealing with and what happens if they give you bad crop.<br /><strong>• Guarantee –</strong> Also, you want to ask them if they have a guarantee that you can avail if some of the crops of vegetables that you buy from them are bad. Know about this before it happens, so you know what you should be doing.<br />These are all important things that you need to take into consideration, and you should ensure that you are picking the right company to work with.</p> <p> </p> <p>Go ahead and start looking at the options for <span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #33cccc;"><a href=""><strong>natural fresh red onion suppliers in Nashik</strong></a> </span>so you can make sure you are working with the right one. You are going to want to consider the price that they are charging you along with the required delivery time. <br />Also, ensure that you are asking about any guarantees that they might offer regarding the product you are purchasing and that you are getting recommendations from others who are also purchasing the same product.</p> 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Green Grapes Regularly Fri, 21 Feb 2020 15:59:18 +0530 <p> </p> <p>Grapes have been a favorite of people, especially during the winter season. These are the small round balls that come in bunches and are a bit sweet and sour in taste. You can find these grapes in two types- the green grapes and the black grapes. Many people love to buy grapes from the <span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #808000;"><strong><a href="">Indian green grapes suppliers in Nashik</a> </strong></span>as this is the region known for producing the best quality grapes across India. There are many health benefits of having green grapes and some of them have been listed below as well. So, let’s have a quick read. <br /><br /><strong>Rich In Antioxidants To Prevent Chronic Diseases</strong><br />Free radicals can cause a lot of harm to the cells in your body and antioxidants are required to fix that damage. These free radicals even cause oxidative stress that can lead to several chronic diseases like heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Grapes are known to be high in antioxidants that are super powerful. The skin and the seeds of grapes are known to have the highest amount of antioxidants. <br /><br /><strong>Plant Compounds To Protect From Certain Types Of Cancer</strong><br />Cancer is one of the biggest life takers in the world and preventing it from happening has been at the root of many studies and research. Grapes are known to be having different types of plant compounds that can help in the prevention of different types of cancer. Resveratrol, a plant compound present in grapes, is effective in preventing cancer. As per different studies, grapes have been known to reduce inflammation that may lead to cancer. There are many different plant compounds as well in grapes and a combination of all of these plant compounds is known to have various anti-cancer benefits. <br /><br /><strong>Help With Weight Loss</strong><br />Obesity and overweight are some of the biggest health issues among youth. Grapes are known to be having a low glycemic index which makes them low in calories and fats. The antioxidant and plant compound in grapes called resveratrol is known to be having compounds that can improve your energy metabolism rate. They can even help you maintain your weight. You can have a cup full of grapes and it would only have 100 calories. <br /><br /><strong>Great Source Of Vitamin C & Vitamin K</strong><br />Everyone knows that grapes are rich in Vitamin C and vitamin K. Vitamin K can help in improving the support for your bones and tissue health. Moreover, grapes have a high amount of vitamin C that makes it rich in antioxidants. It also helps your body in healing and absorbing the much-required iron. <br /><br /><strong>Help Improve Vision</strong><br />If you have a low vision of your eye health is deteriorating, it is imperative that you make grapes a part of your everyday life. As per a study conducted by the University of Miami, by directly challenging the oxidative stress through its antioxidants, grapes are known to be helping your vision. It causes an increase in the protective proteins present in retinas by lowering inflammatory proteins, thus improving your vision quality.</p>